L'Damian Washington @MizzouMonstar2

RT @TomKCTV5: GIF of the day, in honor of #Mizzou returning to bowl season: https://t.co/XLSGu0a8bj

L'Damian Washington @MizzouMonstar2

If you want to understand the difference between wanting something and having to have it. I have to have it! Take 5… https://t.co/s3rKPgVxQF

L'Damian Washington @MizzouMonstar2

Somebody tell Emanuel Hall I want to race him in a foot race for his bowl gifts! That kid can fly!!! #MIZ

L'Damian Washington @MizzouMonstar2

Got front row tickets to see Hamilton Broadway show in New York tomorrow! Haven't been this excited since my first… https://t.co/cdQU3rHfRw

L'Damian Washington @MizzouMonstar2

My brother for life and my Quarterback forever! I love you bro. So glad to see you doing great in life. Can't wait… https://t.co/qwwYBLdgeP

The Rose of Faith

Tupac once wrote a poem about the Rose that grew from a crack in the concrete, proving nature’s laws all wrong. Who would’ve ever thought that same rose that grew would be you. A blessing and a curse but you didn’t let the curse define you. You glorified the blessings in the struggle instead and […]

Happy 47th Birthday Mom, I Love You

Dear Mom, How do you write the perfect letter to the perfect person? How do I tell you about my life when you never left my side? How do I tell you about my failures when you were the one who lifted me back up? How do I say I love you, when saying “I […]

L'Damian's Speech At Moberly, MO Middle School a Slam Dunk

David Stoddard once said, “Getting the most out of life isn’t about how much you keep for yourself, but how much you pour into others.” Throughout our lives, we all face challenges that encourage us to learn, grow and overcome. We might not understand why we go through adversity, but life will later show us […]