L'Damian Washington @Fe_Verdadera2

Happy Birthday to my Queen! Momma I love and miss you daily. Continue to watch over your baby boy 🙏🏾 #RIP

L'Damian Washington @Fe_Verdadera2

RIP Mr.Wesley, wish I could be home this weekend to show respect. Best track coach/God Dad. You told me all black people go to heaven lol ✊🏾

L'Damian Washington @Fe_Verdadera2

I like this trade. Depth and good length at the PG. Although we need more shooters and Snell can shoot the rock lik… https://t.co/sl7OruImj1

L'Damian Washington @Fe_Verdadera2

11 years as a friend I did some right. You failed me as my high school QB by calling unnecessary QB sneaks on 3 and… https://t.co/d1wK77sO8e

L'Damian Washington @Fe_Verdadera2

.@Nationals fail me as a fan yearly 😤#defeated

Happy 47th Birthday Mom, I Love You

Dear Mom, How do you write the perfect letter to the perfect person? How do I tell you about my life when you never left my side? How do I tell you about my failures when you were the one who lifted me back up? How do I say I love you, when saying “I […]

L'Damian's Speech At Moberly, MO Middle School a Slam Dunk

David Stoddard once said, “Getting the most out of life isn’t about how much you keep for yourself, but how much you pour into others.” Throughout our lives, we all face challenges that encourage us to learn, grow and overcome. We might not understand why we go through adversity, but life will later show us […]

L'Damian Washington & James Franklin Play It Cool, And Safe

Former Missouri quarterback James Franklin and I understand the pressure to be cool, but we also know that doing what’s best for you trumps appearing cool to your friends. In 2013, three out of four teen vehicle occupants killed in Missouri car accidents were not wearing seat belts.  Not cool. Your life is more valuable than […]